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Patient Doctor Appointment App - Features

The PD Appointment App is a one of a kind mobile Application that ensures free flow of information between doctors and patients while maintaining the highest level of security standards. All clinics have to undertake the challenging task of meticulously maintaining patient-doctor Appointment details and patient records for future use. This demanding task is made easy by the PD Appointment App’s remarkable features. Through the App and portal, every clinic can create a profile with specific data on doctors, specializations, contact details, pictures and testimonials. The admin portal (available for a monthly subscription) ensures optimization of patient flow, management of Appointments, charging of cancelled Appointments, paper-less maintenance of patient records and health forms, reduced overhead costs and also includes automated post visit custom patient surveys to enhance the service.

Patients have the opportunity to join the App via social portals, create their own profile with detailed health records, choose their favorite doctors or those close to their location, obtain notifications and reminders for locked Appointments, and maintain their health forms and records online in a secure way and all this with the click of a button.

PD Appointment App - just what the doctor ordered!

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