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Welcome to Patient Doctor Appointment Application -health communication made easy!

For many of us, more than the actual ailments, identifying a suitable doctor, securing an Appointment, remembering the Appointment, going through with it glitch-free and safeguarding reports are much more challenging and hard to accomplish. As for doctors and clinics, handling over inflow of patients, managing Appointments, lessening overhead costs while providing the best possible service to patients is an arduous task. It is vital to reduce the pressure on both sides by optimizing the process and enhancing the communication between the patients and the doctor / clinic. It is this crucial goal that we aim to achieve through our Patient Doctor Appointment Application. Combining technology and health is not new but blending the two to provide effortless patient doctor communication is the specialty of this particular App.

PD Appt Application - Elements

The PD Appointment mobile App and admin portal is an e-health communication tool that ensures seamless communication between doctors / clinics and patients to avoid errors in Appointments, honoring of Appointments and maintenance of records on both sides. It is simple and user-friendly and operable at the touch of a button. While the patients can utilize the App free of cost, doctors and clinics are required to pay a nominal monthly subscription to enjoy a variety of unique features and benefits from this App and portal.

The App and portal bring in a new way of communication between patients and doctors that eliminates traditional hassles that hinder Appointments and report handling.

See All App Features
  • Make appointments with doctors via mobile App
  • Profile page for clinics
  • Profile page for Patients
  • Patient health info collection on the go via App
  • Appointment reminder messaging via email & text
  • Advance search options via mobile App
  • Geolocation search for doctors
See All Admin Features
  • Custom post-visit surveys for patients.
  • Add, remove and/or manage doctors.
  • Appointment calendar for tracking appointments
  • Search patients, doctors, and appointments
  • Manage all incoming appointments
  • Patient show-up management
  • Manage new and returning patients
  • Slash clinic overhead costs
  • Ease of patient registration and management
  • Secure paperless document processing
  • 24/7 phone, chat, and/or email support

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